The screenshot of DSI Studio mapping arcuate fasciculus 

DSI Studio is a diffusion MRI analysis tool that maps brain connections and correlates findings with neuropsychological disorders. It is a collective implementation of several methods, including DTI, GQI, QSDR, diffusion MRI connectometry, and generalized deterministic fiber tracking. 


The deterministic fiber tracking method in DSI Studio has achieved the highest 92% valid connection (ID#3) among 96 methods submitted from 20 different research groups, examined by an open competition (see Maier-Hein, 2017. Nature communications8(1), 1349,. The average accuracy is 54%.

Submission ID VB / 25 IB VC (%) IC (%) NC (%) Mean crossing angular
error (degrees)
3_3 21 31 92.49 7.51 0.00 33.72
3_0 21 28 92.20 7.80 0.00 33.50
3_2 19 31 89.16 10.83 0.01 33.97


DSI Studio tractography on the cover of "Nature Reviews Neurology" for the whole year of 2017. About the cover.

In the year of 2018, DSI Studio has been used and mentioned in a total of 130 peer-reviewed publications.

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