Workspace and Presentation Mode

Workspace function

The new version of DSI Studio (after Sep 3rd, 2020 versions) provides a "workspace" function that allows users to save tracts, regions, devices, slices, and rendering settings into a folder that can be loaded later.

The function is under the [View][Save Workspace...] at [Step T3 Fiber tracking]. DSI Studio will ask for an output folder to save the following structures:

/tracts          subfolder storing tracts as *.tt.gz files
/regions         subfolder storing regions as *.nii.gz files       
/devices         subfolder storing all devices in a device.dv.csv file (when loading back, DSI Studio will look for all dv.csv files)     
/slices          subfolder storing current slices (if not the QA map) as a nii.gz file (when loading back, DSI Studio will look for all nii.gz files)
camera.txt       file storing the view orientation
command.txt      file storing additional command to restore the slice position. Additional commands can be added to change visualization (see command line --action=vis for details)
setting.ini      file storing the rendering setting

The above data and settings can be loaded back using the [View][Load Workspace...] function.

Presentation Mode

The new versions of DSI Studio (after Sep 3rd, 2020 versions) can be used as a simplified 3D presentation viewer. 

To use this "presentation mode," first create a workstation folder using the [View][Save Workspace] function in [Step T3 Fiber Tracking] as mentioned above.

Then copy the workstation folder to the DSI Studio folder (Windows version) and renaming it as a folder named "presentation." 
For Mac versions, right click on to show content. Then copy the workstation folder to the /Contents/MacOS/ and renaming it as "presentation"

Last, copy the associated fib.gz file to the presentation folder.  

The above steps change DSI Studio into a viewer for the workspace. You can start DSI Studio, and it immediately loads the workspace. 

For Windows users, you may zip the entire dsi studio folder (which contains the presentation folder) as a zip file and share it with others.
For Mac users, the is a complete viewer app for the workspace.

Size reduction for presentation mode (optional)

There are several ways to reduce the size and facilitate sharing of the presentation mode.

(1) replacing fib.gz file by a *_qa.nii.gz file: Use [Step T3][Export][Save qa...] to save a *_qa.nii.gz file and move it to the /presentation folder. This also disable tracking function in the presentation mode. 
(2) remove hcp1065_2mm.fib.gz and mni_icbm152 files
(3) remove animal templates in the /template folder