Academic License:
     DSI Studio is free for research purposes under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) license.
     Please cite the following to acknowledge DSI Studio.

Non-Academic License:

     The DSI Studio source code is free for non-academic use under GNU General Public License V3
     For non-GPL licenses, please contact

Clinical Use:

     DSI Studio is NOT FDA-approved/cleared. Using it on clinical research requires your institution's IRB approval. 
     It is noteworthy that users are liable to possible damage caused by DSI Studio under its academic or non-academic license.
     To minimize the risk, users should be attentive to issues reported on the user support forum and be responsible for timely software updates. 
Download link:

     Previous versions can be found here.

Other Download links:

     Download the zip file from one of the following links and unzip it to a folder. Click on the DSI Studio program icon to run it. 
       *You may need to install the Microsoft redistributable package here to run DSI Studio if it complains of missing some DLL files.

     Google Drive
     百度网盘 链接: 提取码: phfa

     MAC OS X 
     Please download dsi_studio_64.dmg from one of the following links and open it. You may need to enable permission to run a 3-party app (see instruction).

     Google Drive
     百度网盘 链接: 提取码: uc82

     DSI Studio can run on Linux by using docker container or singularity:

     docker image: docker://dsistudio/dsistudio
docker run -ti --rm -e DISPLAY=$DISPLAY \
                    -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix \
                    -v $PWD:/data \
     *There may be a display authorization problem. If that happens, please refer to a solution here:

$ module load singularity
singularity pull docker://dsistudio/dsistudio     
singularity exec dsistudio_latest.sif dsi_studio   #GUI
singularity exec dsistudio_latest.sif dsi_studio --action=rec --source=my.src.gz --thread_count=4 --method=7 --param0=1.7  #command line

     Compile instruction available here

Optional Package:

     Neonate/Infant1yr/Infant2yr template: Download 
     To install, unzip the files and move them to the /atlas folder (Windows). For Mac users, right-click on to [Show Content] and move the files under Content/MacOS/atlas

Source Code:


     DSI Studio has a very high turning rate, and occasionally the computation outcome may be different between versions. I would recommend users keep a local copy of DSI Studio for each research project and only update DSI Studio if a new project is initiated.

Hardware recommendation:

     You can use regular laptops or workstations to run DSI Studio. To achieve the best performance, I would recommend a computer with a multi-core CPU (e.g. Minimum memory of 2GB is needed. To handle a large number of tracks or image volumes, DSI Studio will need 32GB of memory or more. 

     GPU computation is not yet supported in DSI Studio. 

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