Academic License:
     DSI Studio is free for research purposes under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) license.
     The academic license applies to any entity affiliated with an academic institute.

Non-Academic License:

     The DSI Studio source code is free for non-academic use under GNU General Public License V3

Download link:

     Previous versions can be found here.

     Download the zip file from one of the following links and unzip it to a folder. Click on the DSI Studio program icon to run it. 
     Google Drive
     One Drive

       *You may need to install the Microsoft redistributable package here to run DSI Studio if it complains of missing some DLL files.

     MAC OS X 
     Please download dsi_studio_64.dmg from one of the following links and open it. You may need to enable permission to run a 3-party app (see instruction).

     Google Drive
     One Drive

     *IMPORTANT* DSI Studio will crash on Mac OS 10.12 Sierra due to incompatibility problems in the OpenGL functions (no solution identified yet). Please upgrade Mac OS to the most recent version, or you may need to use an older version of DSI Studio before 2019 (link to the previous versions provided in the bottom). I am sorry for the hassle.

     DSI Studio can run on Linux by using docker container or singularity:

     docker image: docker://dsistudio/dsistudio
docker run -ti --rm -e DISPLAY=$DISPLAY \
                    -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix \
                    -v $PWD:/data \
     *There may be a display authorization problem. If that happens, please refer to a solution here:

$ module load singularity
singularity pull docker://dsistudio/dsistudio     
singularity exec dsistudio_latest.sif dsi_studio   #GUI
singularity exec dsistudio_latest.sif dsi_studio --action=rec --source=my.src.gz --thread_count=4 --method=7 --param0=1.7  #command line

     Compile instruction available here

Optional Package:

     Neonate/Infant1yr/Infant2yr template: Download 
     To install, unzip the files and move them to the /template folder (Windows). For Mac users, right click on to [Show Content] and move the files under Content/MacOS/template

Source Code:


     DSI Studio has a very high turning rate, and occasionally the computation outcome may be different between versions. I would recommend users keep a local copy of DSI Studio for each research project and only update DSI Studio if a new project is initiated.

Hardware recommendation:

     You can use regular laptops or workstations to run DSI Studio. To achieve the best performance, I would recommend a computer with a multi-core CPU (e.g. Minimum memory of 2GB is needed. To handle a large number of tracks or image volumes, DSI Studio will need 32GB of memory or more. 

     GPU computation is not yet supported in DSI Studio. 

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