Modified BSD license, applied to all matlab and C++ codes provided on the website. It is free for all purposes, and users have the copyright on figures generated from DSI Studio.     

Download link:

     MAC OS X 
     Please download dsi_studio_64.dmg from one of the following links and open it. You may need to enable the permission to run a 3-party app (see instruction).
     Google Drive

     Please download the zip file from one of the following links and unzip it to a folder. Click on the DSI Studio program icon to run it. 
     Google Drive

     available by compiling DSI Studio. 
Source Code:

Consistency issue:

     DSI Studio has a very high turning rate, and it is possible that the computation outcome may differ slightly between versions. Therefore, I would recommend users keep a local copy of DSI Studio for each research project and only update DSI Studio if a new project is initiated.

Hardware recommendation:

     DSI Studio uses a lot of multi-thread processing. Although it can be used on most laptop or desktop, the best performance will need a computer with multi-cores that have of many processors (e.g. A minimum memory of 2GB is needed, but if a large number of tracks or image volumes are expected, DSI Studio may need 32GB of memory or more. GPU computation is not yet supported in DSI Studio. 

Registration (OPTIONAL)

     Technical assistance and consultation resources are freely available to registered users. If you have any suggestion or feature request, you may post it on the discussion group or contact me at frank.yeh (at)

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