Rename DICOM Files

use –action=ren to initiate automatic fiber tracking


Rename DICOM files under the raw_data directory

dsi_studio --action=ren --source=d:/draw_data

*Rename DICOM files under the dicom directory and create SRC and NIFTI files

dsi_studio --action=ren --source=d:/dicom --to_src_nii=1

For each directory, rename DICOM

for /f "delims=" %%x in ('dir * /b') do (
    call dsi_studio.exe --action=ren --source="D:\MRI\CA\%%x" > %%x.log.txt 

Core Functions

Parameters Default Description
source   specify the path to the directory containing the DICOM files. The subdir will be searched.
output   specify the directory to output the renamed DICOM files
to_src_nii 0 specify whether to convert DICOMs to SRC and NIFTI files