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Media coverage

New Technology Helping To Treat Veteran Brain Injuries November 9, 2012 CBS Pittsburgh

New brain imaging at Pitt gives a better picture March 2, 2012 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

White’s the Matter: A basic guide to white matter imaging using diffusion MRI November 1, 2014 The Scientist Magazine®

Seeing the Brain’s Broken Cables August 03, 2015e Discover Magazine

Researchers Can Now ‘Fingerprint’ the Human Brain November 18, 2016 PC Magazine

Human Brain Found to Have Fingerprint! Unique Neural Connections Proven November 17, 2016 Nature World News

Your brain ‘fingerprint’ is unique enough to ID you November 16, 2016

Researchers develop way to ‘fingerprint’ the brain November 15, 2016

Steeler-sponsored Chuck Noll Foundation funds first concussion research grants Feburary 22, 2018 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Laboratories using DSI Studio

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  1. Advanced Biomedical MRI Lab at National Taiwan University Hospital (
  2. CoAx Lab at Carnegie Mellon University (
  3. Lab of Neurocognitive Development of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (
  4. Brain Body Stress Lab at University of Pittsburgh (
  5. Walt Schneider Lab at University of Pittsburgh (
  6. Action Lab at University of California Santa Barbara (
  7. NeuroImaging Network (NIN), Universal Scientific Education and Research Network (USERN), Tehran, Iran (

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